Jodie’s in Albany for Fried Chicken

If you haven’t been to Jodie’s in Albany, you should go, preferably on a weekend, meet Jodie and have a breakfast.  Clear your schedule for the rest of the day though, because the food is heavy and all you’ll want to do afterwards is nap and watch football.  There’re a few other things you should know: it’s tiny, they’ll talk your ear off, and get the fried chicken.  That’s pretty much it.  They only serve the fried chicken breakfast (get it with grits or with the eggs) on Saturday and Sunday.

Jodie's fried chicken with eggs, english muffins and hash browns

The fried chicken is definitely not your modern, semi-healthy grape-seed oil fried chicken.  It’s deep, deep fried, fatty and goes real well with Jodie’s hot sauce.  But anyways, enough about the chicken.  The egg’s benedict (Jodie’s style) is also pretty good.  Really heavy – definitely not appropriate for one sitting but, as Jodie pointed out, you can take it home and heat up later and it will taste EXACTLY the same.  It did.

Jodie's fried chicken with eggs and english muffins and hash browns

fried chicken with eggs, english muffins and hash browns

Try it but be ready to freeze if you have to sit outside.  Also, don’t get the orange juice – it’s from a box and not worth 2 or 4 dollars, whatever it costs.  Everything else comes in huge portions.  Map it.

the kitchen at Jodie's

the kitchen at Jodie's