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Sushi of Gari



Sushi of Gari is pretty famous on the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, since I had a burger about 2 hours before I only ordered a la carte. But nevertheless, it was delicious. And I did order one special off-menu piece from the omakase, salmon with roasted tomato. Whoa. The Black Seaweed salad was also bomb.

Truffled Egg Toast @ Inoteca


I wasnt super impressed by the salads at Inoteca in the lower east side but I did enjoy the truffled egg toast. It consisted of a thick slice of brioche with a truffled egg (probably an egg stored in a container with a truffle overnight) and fontina baked on top served over sautéed asparagus. It also comes with bottarga. I opted for the original.

98 Rivington Street, NYC

Burger Overload at Peter Luger

Before going to Peter Luger for a Steak Burger I would have said that I am strong enough to become a vegetarian and that I have the willpower to not eat meat.  Now, I’ve gone to far.  I can never be a vegetarian.  Because I know how good a hamburger can be.  The bacon cheeseburger from Peter Luger Steakhouse (which I asked for without cheese but came with cheese anyway) was the best damn burger I have ever eaten.  And I will probably never eat it again.

The monstor

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