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Leaving Whimsical Venezia for the Countryside

Today we woke up early and did a little minor exploring over by the Guggenheim museum before leaving.  We came back, bought some prosciutto, pasta and onion and I made a little lunch with the chiodini mushrooms over the pasta.  We made it safely to Piazzale Roma with our bags and sanity, which, if you’ve ever ventured over the bridges of Venice with rolling luggage, is almost impressive.  Turns out the car comes with built in navigation which, if you know my family at all, is absolutely necessary.  (I have a superb sense of direction but everyone else doesn’t always listen to my advice…)  We still decided to use our handy little Garmin as a backup, just in case.

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I kinda like airports

There are some airports I actually like, opposed to most that I actually dislike. The Philadelphia airport isnt bad. There was a little art show displaying all kinds of collectibles including floaty pens (below in case you were deprived of a childhood) and there were rocking chairs everywhere. I snapped a pic of a cute couple enjoying the view of the sunset over the runways. Other than that, we made it. I watched Angels and Demons and the Passover episode of Curb and restarted Outliers. The Catholic Church rocks, Larry David is the man, Outliers makes me feel so very normal.