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Trustees Week

Trustees Week at the American Academy is the culmination of months of learning, practice, planning and stress.  Actually, it was a lot of fun.  So much to do, so little time and so many plates to put out.  I had a great time.  I’m way to exhausted to write any more about it so the pictures will have to describe the rest.




Chuck Close Encounters

One of the obvious perks of working at the AAR is getting to know and see and listen to some amazing artists.  The kitchen was lucky enough to have a little private shop talk with Chuck Close up in his studio.  He took us through his book which shows his entire body of work and he explained each period and method behind his work.

He also tried on a few pieces of art that his girlfriend, Sienna, is working on.

Galileo 400 at the AAR

I had a great time at the Galileo event, eating Chris’s special porchetta sammies, watching videos projected on walls and listening to our talented musical fellows perform out in the garden.   Loved the candle constellation in grass too.

I took a little video of Paul Rudy performing as well.  So cool in the rain.

bowling in rome… oh how i’ve missed you

I have been craving some bowling.  Finally, last week, it happened when I was least expecting it to.  That’s the best.  We went for a fellow’s birthday — happy birthday Stephen.  So happy.  It didn’t even matter that I bowled like crap.  That rush, that feeling of completeness and just letting go was so refreshing.  Yes, I’m talking about bowling.

Below, my team, Stephen showing off his form and the striker, Miles.  Just throwin’ strikes all day.  He brings a kitchen-like concentration to the lanes that’s just eerie to watch.  The alley looked like it had been transplanted directly from America to Rome.

Bowling Roma
Viale Regina Margherita, 181