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Asian Pearl in Pacific East Mall, Richmond

DIM SUM!  Is there anything better?  Instant gratification, small plates, any kind of meat, delicious veggies, and lots of different sweet buns filled with hot, spicy deliciousness.  That is Asian Pearl in the Pacific East Mall right of I-80 in Richmond/Albany.  It’s right inside the right side of the west-facing part of the mall.

On the weekends they have Dim Sum with the little carts from 11 until 2:30.  During the week they serve the Dim Sum menu during the week starting at 11 but you have to order everything (might be better this way) although you can order anything on the weekends as well.  There is usually a 15-30 minute wait on weekends, se be prepared.

We had some great sum (yeah?) including baked and steamed pork buns, shrimp shumai, onion pancakes, braised greens with yummy hoisin/sesame dipping sauce, fish noodles, and pea sprout steamed dumplings.  We just kept grabbing them off the carts.  Definitely don’t miss the pea sprout dumplings.  If they’re not coming around, order them!  And go on the weekend, it’s much more fun.

Asian Pearl - fish noodles and some more

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Jodie’s in Albany for Fried Chicken

If you haven’t been to Jodie’s in Albany, you should go, preferably on a weekend, meet Jodie and have a breakfast.  Clear your schedule for the rest of the day though, because the food is heavy and all you’ll want to do afterwards is nap and watch football.  There’re a few other things you should know: it’s tiny, they’ll talk your ear off, and get the fried chicken.  That’s pretty much it.  They only serve the fried chicken breakfast (get it with grits or with the eggs) on Saturday and Sunday.

Jodie's fried chicken with eggs, english muffins and hash browns

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