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Eating with the Cows in Annecy

Yup.  It happened. Although it was hard to separate the smells of cow dung and fine French cheese, it went down.  The place is called Ferme de la Charbonniere and basically it is floating above a barn where all the cows that the cheese comes from live.  It was so good too.  My cousins and I shared the fondu and a bunch of sliced meets and of course had more cheese for desert.


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Frog Legs for Dinner

Yup, thats right, frogs legs. All you can eat. Served with fries and salad. I had three portions, mounds you might call them.

We all went to a club after where the dj played a mix of 80s pop/rock, 90s metal, old French music and Dr. Dre. This led me to the conclusion that I could DJ in France or probably any part of Europe. Hmmm. DJing by night, cooking by day. A year is beginnig to take form.



A quick bite

The name of the place doesnt even matter. Go anywhere in the region and this is what youll get. Stan and I went for lunch on his 1 hour and 45 minute lunch break to a little eighborhood spot and ordered the daily special. Surrounded by other people on their hour and 45 minute lunch breaks drinking wine and beer, we ordered beers as well.

Continuing my adventure into the unknown abyss that is French cuisine, I tried an appetizer of snout. Beef snout. I think. It was yummy, served with onions and pickles allost like a mild relish, and a very light vinagrette and possibly some mayonaise even though I got yelled at for saying so. For desert I had to sample the creme brûlée, which of course was exactly what I needed. This was all followed by a nap while my cousin finished the workday and began celebrating the weekend — even with their almost 2 hour lunch breaks, weekends are just as important to French people.



Annecy = Cheese

After 10 years my cousin Stan still looks exactly thr same except for his smile which might have gotten bigger. He picked me up at the Geneve airport in Switzerland and we drove back across the border into France. He had just been celebrating the completion of his first year of work with his boss and was very excited about it (and the expensive wine they drank).

a toast with Stan to our reunion

A quick tour if Annecy — mostly the result of a wrong turn and a detour — ended with a bottle of champagne to celebrate our reunion. He calls me Mr. Id as a result of my character name in GTA2 that I used to slaughter him with. We had some firece battles back in the day.

stan and cheese

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