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My Objective Guide to the 54th Biennale – Arsenale

The Arsenale is an awesome space to for an art show.  I enjoyed walking through at a leisurely pace and looking through the various installations.  I liked many of the video pieces as well, although there were way too many to watch.  I would recommend walking through the whole show and spending most of the time in the first part of the exhibit.  The Italian section at the end is overwhelming and there is just too much to see.  The Museo della Mafia Salemi is the one part of the Italian section that is definitely interesting to see.

Waiting in line for the James Turrell light piece is also worth it if the line is no longer than 25 people.

Here are a bunch of photos of my favorite parts in no particular order.

This is the Mafia section.  It was all about how fed up Italians are with the mafia.

This was my favorite piece in the Italian building…. His undies say Dolce & Gabanna.

And that’s that. Enjoy the show and I’d love to hear any thoughts or reactions about everything.

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