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Bagnoregio and the Umbrian Countryside

At breakfast today downstairs at our Locanda I heard the chorus of “American Boy” echoing in from the kitchen.  I can’t believe, in this random hill town in the middle of nothingness, people know and listen to this crap.  Blows my mind.

Our first stop today, about 50 miles away, was a small town called Potigliano.  There’s a synagogue in the town and of course, it was closed because we got there during naptime.  Sadly there are only three Jews left there, not nearly enough for a minion or to have a traditional Shabbat service.  But still, it was cool to see.  The town is built into the top of a hill and the façade is very impressive.  I would say it’s worth a visit.

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Leaving Whimsical Venezia for the Countryside

Today we woke up early and did a little minor exploring over by the Guggenheim museum before leaving.  We came back, bought some prosciutto, pasta and onion and I made a little lunch with the chiodini mushrooms over the pasta.  We made it safely to Piazzale Roma with our bags and sanity, which, if you’ve ever ventured over the bridges of Venice with rolling luggage, is almost impressive.  Turns out the car comes with built in navigation which, if you know my family at all, is absolutely necessary.  (I have a superb sense of direction but everyone else doesn’t always listen to my advice…)  We still decided to use our handy little Garmin as a backup, just in case.

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