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Square One Dining for Brunch

It was my first time at Square One Dining on Fountain in Hollywood right across from the main Scientology Center.  I heard they had thick, juicy bacon.  The rumors are true, except it’s more just huge delicious chunks of pork belly.  I had it in a baked egg frittata with spinach and tomatoes served and most likely cooked in a little iron skillet.  Two thumbs up.

baked eggs

Jodie’s in Albany for Fried Chicken

If you haven’t been to Jodie’s in Albany, you should go, preferably on a weekend, meet Jodie and have a breakfast.  Clear your schedule for the rest of the day though, because the food is heavy and all you’ll want to do afterwards is nap and watch football.  There’re a few other things you should know: it’s tiny, they’ll talk your ear off, and get the fried chicken.  That’s pretty much it.  They only serve the fried chicken breakfast (get it with grits or with the eggs) on Saturday and Sunday.

Jodie's fried chicken with eggs, english muffins and hash browns

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