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Working in the Garden

The RSFP’s garden at the AAR is a constant source of controversy.  Luckily, as interns, we just work in it and don’t have to deal with any of the ridiculous, annoying politics that stipulate importance of appearance over practicality and purpose.

On Wednesday we typically work in the garden weeding, seeding, planting, harvesting peppers and lettuce, transplanting or picking fruit.  This week was particularly exciting because our beets grew enough so that we could thin and move them so that they can grow even more into big yummy beets in the soil.

Chris thinning, weeding and transplanting beets

tidied up beets

We also were finally able to plant starts for Venezia and Oak Leaf lettuce that we had seeded about a month ago.  Lots of lettuce to come.

our newly planted babies: venezia starts

Aesthetically, they aren’t beautiful but they look very professional and they serve an incredibly important purpose in the health of our lettuce and starters.  I’m talking about he tarps.  And the best part about them, you can’t even see them from outside the garden because the hedge blocks them from view.  So who really cares?  We’ll all just have to learn to love them.  They come with the lettuce.

the highly controversial plastic tarp covers

And, of course, Andrea showed us how to pick Quince like a boss.

Andrea monkey picking quince