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Sandwiches at Tricolore

This place, Tricolore in Monti, is grubbin. Like in the way that you eat a sandwich here and every part of it is good from the bread to whatever the condiment is that you get on your sandwich that the bread perfectly soaks up.  Oh, did I say the bread here is great? ‘Cuz it is.

I had the Pane di Patate e Polpo: their classic roll (Farina di grano tenero biologica Antico Molino Rosso, lievito naturale, sale, marino integrale di Mothia), polpo del Mediterraneo, rosmarino, olio.  The octopus was cooked perfectly; not chewy, tender and full of rosemary flavor.  I would definitely go back here for more. And for the beer; perfect with my octo-sandwich.

My cousin got the hot dog: wurstel di maiale di cinta senese Paolo Parisi and senape di grani.  The mustard was  perfect with the sausage, full of full grainy bursts of mustard flavor.

Via Urbana 126

Working at Sforno was Sawesome

Okay, silly title, but working at Stefano Callegari and Antonio Pratticò’s, Sforno was an awesome experience.

I started out watching and helping them make dough.  I had a quick family meal with all the cooks (and all the cute waitresses) and then watched as they made around 200 pizzas in about 2.5 hours.  It was an impressive process to watch but it was more impressive that each pizza came out perfectly.  And I didn’t miss a single pizza.

The working atmosphere at Sforno seems rare in Rome – it’s fun, the cooks and pizzaiolo like working there, they’re passionate about pizza, and the food is better because of it.  Maybe it’s due to the way Stefano and his business partner, Antonio run the place or maybe it’s because the restaurant is outside the Rome Centro and is devoid of annoying tourists.  I think it’s definitely more likely that it’s the capos (bosses), both of whom were flight attendants with Alitalia before deciding they wanted to open a pizzeria together.  If it isn’t obvious already, I think Sforno is a very special restaurant.

Anyway, this place is definitely worth a trip if not a few trips.  They’re known for the their Cacio e Pepe pizza — I now like it more on pizza than on pasta — which they use a secret method to make.  Also their suppli are legendary, a MUST.  It’s easy to get to on Metro A from the Subaugusta stop.  Saturday may be the night to go since the metro runs until 1am.

Stefano, Antonio and Kabir, Sforno’s pizzaiolo, also own 00100 in Testaccio which is definitely worth a trip as well and is much closer to the Rome Centro.  Trappizini are also sold until 4am at Brasserie 4:20 near Porta Portese.  4:20 also sells burgers.  They’re pretty good.

Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116
00175 Roma
Tel. 06 71546118
Closed Sundays

Brasserie 4:20
Via Portuense, 82
00153 Rome, Italy
Tel. 06 5831 0737

Gelato Taste Test with Ed Levine

I went on a little gelato taste test in Rome with the founder of seriouseats.com, Ed Levine.  It was an awesome experience and I’m truly honored to have been included.

Our first stop was Gelateria Del Teatro.  Their selection was impressive, we had 6 flavors including Pecan Cream, Limone, Greek Yogurt, and Dark Chocolate.  I can’t remember the rest, I guess that’s what happens when you this much gelato in one day.  We also had espresso chocolate granita and strawberry granita.  The strawberry was so refreshing and really presented the perfect balance between sweet and fruity.

Next, we walked over to Il Gelato di Claudio Torce. Here there is a much more expansive selection of flavors, including crema di sedano (celery), ginger chocolate, zabaione and chestnut with rosemary.  The consistency of the cream was also much different than at Il Teatro. I didn’t like it more or less, it’s just different…  Definitely worth a try if you’re down in the centro.  It’s right before you reach the Aria Pacis next to a small market.

My other favorite gelato in Rome can be found at San Crispino (Via della Panetteria, 42) and of course, Giolitti (Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40).  If you feel like splurging, I recommend the affogato

Gelateria Del Teatro
Via di San Simone, 70
00186 Rome, Italy
06 4547 4880

Il Gelato de Claudio Torce
Piazza Monte D’Oro 91/92

Trustees Week

Trustees Week at the American Academy is the culmination of months of learning, practice, planning and stress.  Actually, it was a lot of fun.  So much to do, so little time and so many plates to put out.  I had a great time.  I’m way to exhausted to write any more about it so the pictures will have to describe the rest.