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Citizen Band Burger

This place is legit. Really well cooked, great tasting meat. Good Brussels sprouts and roasted cauliflower too.


The burger was big, well seasoned, cooked medium rare, like a actually. And it was on a homemade challah bun which may have been the best part.

This may be the first burger I want to go back for.

Also really great desserts from the adjacent bakery.


Burger and Po Boy at Beast and the Hare

Okay, the burger here was on point, delicious mayo/saucy stuff and fries and the patty was thick and cooked perfectly medium rare and with the best lamb bacon Ive ever had.

But the Po boy…. The PO BOY was ridiculous. Pulled raised pork with fried oysters. A southern square dancin, alligator wrasslin party in my mouth.

Burger + fries, $13. Po boy, doesnt matter get it.



The Burger Rundown – Part 1

I’ve been eating a lot of burgers.  Here are my brief notes:

So far, my favorite has been Super Duper Burger, not just because of the delicious, perfectly cooked burger (I mean grease pit perfect) but because there are unlimited FREE pickles.  I mean, come on.  Obviously, I got the super burger with “everything on it” meaning: lettuce, tomato, red onion, super sauce, jalapeno peppers, grilled onions, and pickles.  Yes, two types of onions and pickles twice.  Burger + Fries + Racer 5 for $17.

I ate another great burger at Marlowe in SOMA.  They put this horseradish aioli on there that’s just creamy and tangy and a bit spicy.  Fries left something to be desired but the bone marrow made up for that (irrelevant, this is about burgers, stay on topic).  Burger + Fries $13.

Last for part one is Umami Burger.  Probably my least favorite of the three but still good.  With regard to atmosphere (again irrelevant) it kind of felt like I was eating in a fraternity: you want another beer bro? burgers are a way of life, bro! I would definitely recommend a nice glass of syrah to compliment that beast of a burger.  Okay.  I got the Manly Burger, my friend got the Port & Stilton.  We split.  They were both fine.  Burger + fries $14.5.

I don’t have photos but I also had a pretty yummy Buffalo burger at Roam on Union St.  It was big and meaty and the truffle fries were good.  Burger + Fries + Beer $20! Kind of a lot.  Still though, honorable mention!

more to come…

first taste at Commonwealth

This was my first trip to Commonwealth.  It was unexpected so I didn’t have a good camera and thus only took two pics.  However, I loved it, the service was great and our waiter even gave us free dessert.  We had:

  • eggplant in various forms (one of them dehydrated), nardello peppers, shelling beans with lime and cardamom ($14)
  • charred octopus, smoked marrow, fingerlings, sea beans, horseradish ($15)
  • scallops, hearts of palm, snap peas, popcorn (yes, and it was really good together) squid cracker, some kind of yuzu stuff ($16)
  • sweet breads that were on the tasting menu but we got them anyone thanks to our waiter and they were FANTASTIC.  juicy on the inside, super perfectly crispy (maybe fried) not the outside — ask for them if they’re on the tasting menu anyway
  • pork loin grilled on cedar plank with mustard greens, pickled ramps (that were extra pickly, which I love, especially with the pork preparation), cherry jus ($15)
  • peanut butter semifreddo, chocolate ganache, frozen popcorn — again with popcorn and it worked — salty, chocolatey, peanut butter cookie

2224 Mission Street — @ 18th

SF Street Food Festival 2011

The theme of this years festival?  Rip off drinks.  The best food was the simplest: ribs from Il Cane Rosso, a hard boiled egg, covered in pork, breaded and fried from Chiefo’s Kitchen and unassuming pastrami slider and a Chocolate Babka from Wise Sons Deli.  Peep.

The quiet before the storm:

A bready meatball from A16.

Korean Tacos and Okonomiyaki from Namu.

Pastrami Sliders and Chocolate Babka from Wise Sons Deli.  Really really tasty, house-made pastrami.  I highly recommend this place.

Cebiche Clasico from La Mar Cebicheria.

Pork belly rendering and exploding in the heat.

Scotch Eggs — hard boiled egg surround with ground pork, breaded and fried — from Chiefo’s Kitchen.

There may or may not have been New Orleans Style Blue Bottle Iced Coffee involved as well in addition to many other snacks along the way that you’ll just have to imagine.

Aziza for Moroccan in SF

I haven’t been to many Michelin One Star restaurants but Aziza was very worth it and the best Moroccan food I’ve ever had.  I ate:

Gin and Blueberry

Borlotti Bean Soup

Albacore Sashimi, squid, black olive oil, scallion, lime

Duck Confit Basteeya

Quail with a Giant Prawn and Fava Beans

Lavender Cake with Lemon Semifreddo, Almond Cream and Boysenberry Meringue

Mint Bavarian with Lime-Buttermilk Granita, Hibiscus, Pistachio

Grapefruit Gelee, Chocolate Cardamon, Macaron

Extra bomb.

5800 Geary Boulevard