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A Weekend in Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam!  I took the Thalys train from Paris.  It was a quick, beautiful ride and there was free WiFi on the train, which I used to video chat with my parents as the weather outside went from nice and sunny to gloomy to torrential rain.

canals of Amsterdam

I went with my cousin, Tanguy from Paris and we stayed with other cousins in Amsterdam.  The weekend consisted of a lot of eating (obviously), catching up, hanging out with great aunts and uncles and exploring the weird and wonderful shops of the city.  I probably had pickled herring about 8 times, which works out to about 2-3 times a day.  We also visited the poffertjes stand a few times.  Poffertjes are like little mini pancakes slathered in butter and powdered sugar.  They are pronounced poferchers and they are incredible.  I love the language because it sounds like an alien language.  Luckily, almost everyone I needed to talk to spoke English perfectly.

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