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Baby Blues BBQ – Delish but Rough on the Tummy

We ventured to Venice to try the bbq’d delicacies that Baby Blues had to offer.  I told our waitress that it was my first time.  She was gentle and gave us three free sides, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.  My stomach hasn’t been the same since.  It was so good, way better than Mr. Cecil’s but I’m not sure my stomach or Grant’s stomach would agree…  Try at your own risk.

Baby Blues in Venice

Just a small part of my meal

Just a small part of my meal

Definitely try the baby back ribs.  The mac n cheese was also ridiculous but I would suggest staying away from it if your lactose intolerant.  Also, we agreed that the waitresses at Baby Blues were all suspiciously good looking.  Just another reason to visit.

A Little Carbon Beach R&R

It was an action packed weekend and time for some rest upon returning to LA.  Carbon is the perfect place.  It was overcast when we got there but warm and windless, perfect.  I think I would like any job where I could combine living on the beach, reading and working from home.  I’m very open to suggestions but no Ponzi Schemes please.  And yeah, that’s a murse. And?

The view down Carbon Beach


Reading on Carbon Beach

I also spent so long trying to remember the name of the song that samples The Pharcyde’s, Passing Me By.  Finally, Joe – Stutter.  A middle school hit!