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The Burger Rundown – Part 1

I’ve been eating a lot of burgers.  Here are my brief notes:

So far, my favorite has been Super Duper Burger, not just because of the delicious, perfectly cooked burger (I mean grease pit perfect) but because there are unlimited FREE pickles.  I mean, come on.  Obviously, I got the super burger with “everything on it” meaning: lettuce, tomato, red onion, super sauce, jalapeno peppers, grilled onions, and pickles.  Yes, two types of onions and pickles twice.  Burger + Fries + Racer 5 for $17.

I ate another great burger at Marlowe in SOMA.  They put this horseradish aioli on there that’s just creamy and tangy and a bit spicy.  Fries left something to be desired but the bone marrow made up for that (irrelevant, this is about burgers, stay on topic).  Burger + Fries $13.

Last for part one is Umami Burger.  Probably my least favorite of the three but still good.  With regard to atmosphere (again irrelevant) it kind of felt like I was eating in a fraternity: you want another beer bro? burgers are a way of life, bro! I would definitely recommend a nice glass of syrah to compliment that beast of a burger.  Okay.  I got the Manly Burger, my friend got the Port & Stilton.  We split.  They were both fine.  Burger + fries $14.5.

I don’t have photos but I also had a pretty yummy Buffalo burger at Roam on Union St.  It was big and meaty and the truffle fries were good.  Burger + Fries + Beer $20! Kind of a lot.  Still though, honorable mention!

more to come…